Gems Ready To Build

The concept of ready to Build(cut and bend) rebars is a unique product i.e. producing TMT steel reinforcement bars (rebars) to required size, shape and quantities which helps in fixing them at site makes it more convenient and reliable  to complete construction in time.

Quality Check:

Gem’s Ready to build (Cut& bend)      meets the Indian Standards codes – IS: 1786:2008, IS: 2502:2004, Indian Ductile Detailing code IS: 13920 – 1993. The tolerance levels for angles and dimensions are monitored against IS 1786:2008 and IS: 2502:2004 for quality check. . The customer is free to get the product tested with any of the reputed testing laboratories. Third Party inspection can be done at Ready to Build eGallery, Plant or even at the construction site after delivery.

• Advantages of Cut and Bend Services

• Reduces the hassle of buying steel.
• Lower material costs: By ordering precise quantity required.
• No manpower required for cutting and bending.
• Just in Time delivery with quick response times
• Efficient and size-wise delivery of the Final Product with proper bundling, and count of pieces. Steel is tagged to exact specification for faster and simpler onsite installation
• Zero Inventory holding cost.
• Theft Prevention
• No material Wastage
• Reduction of inventory on-site.
• Delivery on time
• Faster Completion of work

  •  We make ensure that Standard operating procedures for all activities must be followed to ensure consistency and repeatability and Online inspection systems to ensure dimensional accuracy. Gem’s Ready to Build has a full plant capacity catering to the entire rebar fabrication need of any construction site.

Wastage of Space at site

Wastage of Material at site

Unskilled Labour at Risk