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  • Upon Your order booking being processed you will receive an email, and/or SMS and/or Phone Call from our authorized representative regarding confirmation of your Order.
  • The delivery lead time for cut and bend dispatches typically takes 7 days for completion subject to Terms & Conditions.                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Fig: RCC Beam Cross-Section
  • Now we will calculate the length of reinforcement based on shapes of reinforcement required for reinforced concrete beam in above example.
  • We will start with bottom reinforcement, B1.
  • Bar shape of B1 is as shown below:
  • Length of B1 = clear distance between walls + 2 x width of walls – 2 x bar cover + 2 x bend length
  • Bend length = 6 x 16 = 96 consider as 100mm
  • Bend length is calculated as 6 x diameter of bar for reinforcement conforming to IS: 1786-1961
  • Length of B1 = 4000 + 2 x 230 – 2 x 40 + 2 x100 = 4580mm
  • Length of bar B2 is calculated based on shape of this bar. This bar bends up near the support as shown below:
  • Length of bar B2: A + B + C = 4000 + 2 x 230 – 2 x 40 + (1.414xH – H)
  • H = 450 – 2 x 40 – 2 x 12 – 2 x 12/2 = 334mm
  • B2 = 4000 + 2 x 230 – 2 x 40 + (1.414×334 – 334) = 4518.3 = 4520mm
  • Length of Bar T1 = 4000 + 2 x 230 -2 x 40 = 4380mm
  • Length of Stirrups S1:

    The Best way to deal with us:

  • Prepare the Bar bending Schedule (BBS) and forward to us, it is clarified with the concerned planning engineer of the site or any concern person.
  • We will produce as per BBS and inform about completion of product. Wehelp in finalising the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) .Our planning engineer will work closely with the site engineer to clarify all issues before execution.Gem’s Ready to Build is planning to develop Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) gallery in future to facilitate in construction.
  • Confirmation of material detail is obtained from the planning engineer or any concern person before dispatch.
  • Delivering Schedule is obtained from the planning engineeror any concern person.
  • All material shipped must be inspected upon delivery and any inconsistencies from the order placed should be notified to the representative of Gems immediately.
  • In case thematerial shipped is not as per the order placed by the customer the errors in the dispatch will be rectified without any additional costs to the customer.
  • What is Bar Bending Schedule?
  • Bar bending schedule (or schedule of bars) provides details of reinforcement cutting and bending vis-à-vis, a given RCC work item, and is presented in a tabular form for easy visual reference. This table summarizes all the needed particulars of bars – diameter, shape of bending, length of each bent and straight portions, angles of bending, total length of each bar, and number of each type of bar. This information is a great help in preparing an estimate of quantities.

Example of RCC Beam Reinforcement Calculation:

  • Consider a beam of clear length of 4m, 300mm wide by 450mm depth. It consists of 2-12 diameter bars at top, and 2-16 diameter and 1 – 12 diameter bars at the bottom. Diameter of stirrup is 8mm spaced at 180mm center to center. Clear cover to reinforcement provided is 40mm.
  • Fig: RCC Beam Reinforcement Details