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Auto Lense Meter SV LM 700


Approx Price: Rs 60 Thousand / Set


  • Humanized detail design
  • Comfortable operation and smooth measurement
  • Adjustable LCD screen for convenient measurement
  • New light path design, clear human eye imaging effect
  • The screen can be rotated freely up and down
  • Automatic eye tracking for lifting, automatic measurement
  • Electric lifting amount tow.



Measurement mode mode X-Y rectangular coordinates

Mixi+/-, Steps: 0.01DC/0. 12DC/0.25DC

 range -10DS – +10DS, Steps: 0.01DS/0.12DS/0. 25DS
Measurable lens diameter 20mm – 0100 mm
Refractive measurement Sphere -25.00DS~+25.00 OODS, Steps: 0.01DS/0.12DS/0.25DS
PD 42 mm – 82mm
Cylinder 0.00~±10.00DC
Axis 1°~180°(1° step)
Prism 0 ~ 10
Measurable lens diameter 20mm ~ 100mm
Measurable lens center thickness <=20mm
Hardware specification Monitor 5.7″ capacitive touch screen
Printer  57mm Thermal printer
Power supply DC 12V 3A


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