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Mini Cart

Genshi ARK


  • Adopts automatic lifting,providing easier operation and multiple measurement modes.
  • Multiple measurement modes:SPH,CYL,CLBC,CYL&PH)
  • Automatic chin rest base and main body lifting.
  • Large-angle rotating screen.
  • Support multiple measuring functions.6)Automatic fog color vision system.
  • The latest shiny appearance,excellent workmanship.
  • Electric lifting jaw holder and body.
  • Screen of large angle fliping.
  • System of fixation.Automatic colorful vision making your optical measuring comfortable.
  • Rich measure functions.
  • 6 measuring point.




Measurement mode Cornea/refractometry measurement mode,keratometry/refractometry,Mode of keratometry,refractometry;refractometry measurement mode,keratometry, CLBC mode,substrate curvature of the contact lens
Vertex distance 0,10,12,13.5,15mm
Spherical degree -25.00~+22.00D(VD=12mm,0.12 or 0.25D)
Cylinder degree 0.00~+/-10.00D(0.12 or 0.25D)
Axial 1~180°(Step 1°)
Cylinder symbol -,+,-/+
Pupil distance 10~85mm
Minimum pupil diameter 2.0mm
Measuring time 0.07sec
Radius of curvature 5.0~10.2mmCorneal refractometry
Corneal refractometry 33.00~67.50D
Corneal astigmatism 0.00~-15.00D(0.05/0.12/0.25D)
Corneal diameter 2.0~14.00mm
Printer Thermal printer
Saving settings 3、5、10 minutes
Monitors 5.6 inch of TFT monitors
Power AC100~240V,50/60HZ/90W
Size/weight 248(W)x476(D)x475(H)/21kg
Jaw panel Max x55mm
Data output Rs-232 interface, video output


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