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Digital Auto Phoropter


  • The 9.7 inch touchable screen
  • Easy to update the program
  • The 180°rotating screen providing the direct communication with customers
  • Various near visual and facilitating icons built in
  • Abundant online functions
  • Elegant With exquisite workmanship
  • More accurate measurement
  • True Color touch screenx


Specification :

Sphere-29.00D~+26.75D (0.12D/0.25D/0.50D/1.00D//2.00/3.00D)
Cylinder0.00D~+8.75D (0.25D/0.5D/1D/2D/3D steps)
Axis angle0~180° (1°/5°/30°/45°steps)
Pupillary DistanceDistant range:45~75mm (0.5/1.00mm steps)
Close range: 50~80mm 0.5/1mm steps
Working Distance 35-70cm (step: 5cm)
Rotary Prism0~20 (0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2 steps)
Cross Cylinder LensJackson cross cylinder 0.25D, Jackson cross cylinder 0.50D
Plane Retinoscope+1.50D(67cm) +2.00D(50cm)
Auxiliary Lens
Pinhole Lens1.0mm
MaddoxRight eye (horizon), left eye (vertical)
Red and green lensRL(Right eye),GL(Left eye)
PolaroidRight eye (135°,45°); Left eye (45°,135°)
PrismRight 6 BU, Left 10BI
Solid Suprachiasmatic cylinderJackson Cross Cylinder ±0.50D Axis=90°
Visual degree32°
Phoropter Size362mm×299mm×83mm 3.5kg
Keyboard Size215mm×230mm×226mm 1.5kg
Junction box266mm×72mm×240mm 1.3kg
Power SupplyAC110V-240V 50/60HZ,90VA
Net Weight7.1kg


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