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P D Meter


Approx Price: Rs 10,500 / Piece(s)


  • 1.ACCURACY MEASURE PUPILLARY – PD Meter is a precision optical instrument used to measure distance between pupils in the process of optometry for spectacles,It features direct point-sampling and high accuracy of orientation.
  • 2.LONG READING TIME-It does retain the readings on screen while it is on and even in memory when it is switched back on as long as the slide controls have not been moved.The didital PD Meter does have a reading which lasts approximately 10 minutes
  • 3.EASY TO USE AND EXCELLENT PRICE -It is extremely easy to use and it’s also very comfortable and not that heavy. It alos has multiple PD settings.
  • 4.TURN OFF AUTOMATICALLY- Turns off after 1 minute or you can press a button and shut it off. It stays on and drains the batteries. Store device flat side down, it will turn off automatically.
  • EXTRA:It have PD ruler in it to help you test the PD you need ,Manual instruction in english .Should there be anyproblem please feel free to contact us first.



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