About Us

  • Welcome to our world and thank you for going to spend your valuable time with us. We have endeavored to provide you with the best and the most economical range in Ophthalmic / Optometric Instruments. All our products come with unique features which make them stand out from the competition.
  • We surely hope that you will consider the purchase of any one or more of the products mentioned herein and live in the new experience of buying with Shining Sun. Our company is engaged in the manufacture and import of Ophthalmic equipment.
  • We are exporting to over 25 countries worldwide and have earned a good reputation with our clients for our quality, price and after sales support.

Our Mission

  • To manufacture world-class products of outstanding quality that give our customers a competitive advantage through superior products and value, so we can make every customer smile.
  • To encourage people’s ownership, empowerment and working under team structure.
  • To attain highest level of efficiency, integrity and honesty

Our Values

  • Quality: We firmly believe in delivering what we commit.
  • Customer focus: We believe in the sanskrit phrase “Grahak Devo Bhavah” meaning CUSTOMER IS GOD. It is always our best efforts to satisfy our customers completely in terms of quality and service.
  • Integrity and ethics : Integrity and Ethics are the two sides of the Coin called “Bussiness”.
  • Corporate social responsibility : We Believe that “In a free enterprise, the community is not just another stake holder in Business but it’s in fact the very purpose of its existence.”