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Auto Refractometer with keretometer SV 800


Approx Price: Rs 215000 / Set


  • Humanized detail design
  • Comfortable operation and smooth measurement
  • Adjustable LCD screen for convenient measurement
  • New light path design, clear human eye imaging effect
  • The screen can be rotated freely up and down
  • Automatic eye tracking for lifting, automatic measurement
  • Electric lifting amount tow.
  • Off-speed printer, automatic papper cutting.



Measurement mode K/R mode Refractive and Keratometer measurement.
REF mode Refractive measurement
KEF mode Corneal curvature measurement
Refractive measurement Vertex Distance 0.0,12.0,13.75,15.0 mm
Sphere -20.00D~+20.00D

(VD=12mm,0.01,0.06,0.12,0.25 Increments)

Cylinder 0.00~±10.00D (0.06,0.12,0.25 Increments)
Axis 1°~180°(1° step)
Pupil Distance 2.00 – 8.00 mm
Min. pupil diameter measurable 2.0mm
Target Automatic fogging target
Corneal curvature measurement Radius of curvature 5~10mm(0.01mmstep)
Corneal Refraction 33.00~67.00D(0.12/0.25Dstep)
Corneal Astigmatism 0.00~-15.00D(0.12/0.25Dstep)
Angle of corneal 1°~180°(1°step)
Corneal diameter 2.0~12.00mm
Hardware specification Monitor 8 inch TFT touch screen

(adjustable viewing angle )

Printer 57 mm thermal printer, automatic papper cutting
Packing size (lenght) 680mm X (width) 400 mm X (height) 640 mm
Power supply AC 100~250 V,50/60HZ
Net/Gross weight 22 kg/26.5kg


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