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Digital Ultrasound A & B Scan Devices


  • System setting (hospital name, mode selection, date/time and its format, probe protection time, help, keyboard sound etc.)
  • IOL setting>
  • Network setting, DICOM3.0
  • Password setting
  • Software upgrade



 Product parameters–General parameters:
 Adopt ARM9 Embedded Control Systems, FPGA signal processing system and elaborate selected ultrasonic hardware system, make the machine more reliable.
 10″ high resolution CRT monitor, image clear and exquisite.
 Menu operation, Language: Chinese/English.
 Double probe sockets: A mode probe: 10MHz, imported probe with fixation light; B mode probe: 10MHz, imported transducer.
 Preset items:
a)System setting (hospital name, mode selection, date/time and its format, probe protection time, help, keyboard sound etc.)
b)IOL setting
e)Network setting, DICOM3.0
f)Password setting
g)Software upgrade
 Display: B, B/B,4B,B/A, A single-point measurement(under A mode), five-point measurement(under A mode).
 Gains range: 0–120dB.
 Dynamic range: 30-100dB, visual and adjustable.
 Gray: 256.
 Intelligent TGC adjustment: 8 segments.
 Build-in D disk: 4GB, save mass images, reports, etc.
 Report function: print screen, IOL report, case report with picture, etc.
 Two USB ports, support for large capacity U disk (support for document management/software upgrades/one-key storage), and laser printer directly print various images and report.
 Dual-mode TV output: PAL/NTSC, connecting to video recorder and ultrasonic working station.
 DICOM3.0 network port, realizing network transmission easily.
 Power supply : AC110/230V -15%~+10%(self-adaptation supply voltage) 60/50Hz±1Hz.
 Net weight: 10kg.
 Dimension: 400×280×325mm(length x width x height).
 A scan parameter:
 Measuring range:A five-point measurement:0-36mm; A single-point measurement: 0-72mm(including delayed depth).
 Measuring accuracy: ±0.05mm.
 Measuring parameter: ACD, LENS, axial length, Vitreous body Length, corneal thickness(immersion mode).
 Eye mode: normal/aphakia/dense cataract/various IOL eyes.
 Measuring Mode: Contact and Immersion, automatic and manual.
 Calculation: std. deviation, average, automatically measure 8 groups and average, accompany waveform, results correctable.
 Measurement methods: A single-point measurement(under A mode); five-point measurement(under A mode).
 IOL Formula: SRK-II, SRK-T, BINKHORST,HOLLADAY, HOFFER-Q, HAIGIS, any of two groups can control display. Calculate IOL, DEM, DAM, REEF, etc. And long term save 100 groups of measurement results of A scan.
 A single point measurement
Magnification: ×1.0,×2.0,x4.0.
Display Depth: 0~36mm , delayed depth: 0–36mm.
 B scan parameter:
 Scan mode: High accuracy stepping Sector, motor-powered.
 Scan Angle: 53°.
 Display Depth: 0~88mm(incl.delayed depth).
 Delayed depth: 25–32mm.
 Gray: 256.
 Frame frequency: 30frames/s.
 depth seletion:8.
 Frame correlation: 4.
 Edge enhancement:4.
 Compression Curve: 8.
 Post-processing: 8.
 Eight Pseudo colors: 8 kinds (incl B/W).
 100 frames permanent image storage.
 Cine loop: 256 frames, can measure the playback image.
 Disk management.
 General Measurement: multi-electronic-rule to measure distance, circumference, area(trace method, ellipse method),volume (ellipse method), angle , histogram, profile , stenosis and curvature etc.


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